About TaysideHealth

The vision for this blog is for it to be a weekly venture – starting in January 2015.

The core group of contributors work in the healthcare arena in and around Tayside. Our views are our own and they don’t represent the views of our organisations, or indeed any organisation; indeed it’s highly likely they won’t relate directly to each other. The golden thread that runs through the blog is our desire to share our views, our hopes, perhaps our dreams but certainly our thoughts, opinions and aspirations about how our services are delivered. For us the joy of the blog is to share and learn with our readers.

We care about the education, development and learning of current and future healthcare professionals. We care about continuous improvement and safer services, innovation and research. We welcome change and embrace it gladly. What drives each of us is the care, treatment and partnerships with the people with whom we co-create health, recovery and hope; they are the motivation for everything we do.

As the blog develops we hope to add more ‘Tayside’ bloggers, and intend to invite guest contributors. Our first cohort of bloggers span numerous fields of practice, length of experience and areas of expertise. To our thinking there are some gaps – over the coming weeks and months we hope to fill those.

Thank you for reading and we hope you will continue to follow and read #taysidehealth. You can contact the blog administrator by email at taysidehealth1@gmail.com


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