Pressing pause …

Dear Reader

As you may recall, TaysideHealth was launched in January 2015.  In the 31 weeks that have since passed the blog has attracted 290 followers, received 3,620 hits and been viewed in 44 countries around the world; an achievement of which we are very proud.

Credit for this early success is undoubtedly due to the individuals who kindly accepted an invitation toimage contribute a blog in which they shared their knowledge, skills and experience of health topics for which they have a passion.  Thank you to each and every one.

From today however, TaysideHealth is pausing publication of its weekly blog.  Instead, you may wish to consider following AHPscotblog (Mondays), Ayrshirehealth (Wednesdays), Letstalkaboutdementia (Thursdays) and, or, DGhealth (Fridays).

Thank you for reading TaysideHealth.

‘Til we meet again …



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2 Responses to Pressing pause …

  1. dghealth says:

    Very sad. “haste ye back” and take care.


  2. Nancy Holehouse says:

    Lovely to have had a glimpse of the future for health communications hope this 21st Century method of reaching people is reactivated soon.


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