Togs for Tots by Jordan Butler

What is Togs for Tots? image

Togs for Tots is a non-profit organisation serving Dundee and the surrounding areas. The aim is to be the ‘go-to’ service for families struggling to provide essential clothing and equipment for their children (any baby or child classed as a dependant).

How does it work?

Togs for Tots runs similarly to the foodbank concept: Donations are collected from the general public then matched up with referrals from professional bodies that we work with. Clothes are accepted for all ages of children, in addition to maternity wear, bedding and essential equipment such as prams, cots and high chairs.

How can I refer?

Togs for Tots endeavour to ensure that the right people know about this service so they can refer as they need to. We accept referrals from :

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Charities
  • Non profit organisations
  • Toddlers/ kids group leaders
  • School and nursery staff
  • Volunteers/ befrienders
  • Council staff who work with families
  • Job and government advice centres
  • Social and Support workers

The referral form is online and very user-friendly.  It can be filled out and submitted from any mobile device, without having to attach to email.  All referrals are processed in the strictest of confidence.

Success of the Project

imageThis new project has quickly built momentum in Dundee with hundreds of donations received and a facebook page with 2000 followers. Most importantly, 50 children across the area have been provided for. The project is confident that many more can be helped, by way of spreading the word of this service. Some feedback from our completed referrals:

“Thank you so much! The service was so great and the delivery was super efficient. Will definitely use this referral again.”

“Absolutely delighted with the service you deliver. The referral was quickly received and then distributed. Good quality equipment and clothing was passed over to the family who were over the moon and very grateful.” image

“On behalf of the family I am working with, thanks again. A small act of kindness goes a long way :- )”

Where can I find out more information?

Sign up to our Facebook page or email

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